The Boy Who Changed the World

Another day in ‘La Petit Maison’ boarding school. Same lessons, same food and same everything.

The school feast was happening now. The Headmaster had to award the House shield and everyone was very excited, except Dink. He knew it wasn’t their House which was going to win.

But out of the blue, the Headmaster, spoke the word “BADGERS !” It was Dink’s house.

He was more excited than anybody in the whole school. But sadly, a tragedy struck. The same evening a letter arrived about his grandmother.

It read :

“ Dear Dink,

I have some sad news for you. Your grandmother who was suffering from health problems is no more. But before dying she told me to give you these spectacles. Her last words were ‘ Use it well !’


Your Well Wisher”

Dink’s heart was filled with sorrow.

“My well wisher? Who are you?” He thought to himself. He took the spectacles and packed them in his bag

The term had come to an end and it was time for everybody to go home.

After the usual goodbyes, they went to the Moonbloom station where the train was waiting for them.

The train’s engine started and they were off. It was a long journey ahead and Dink was getting bored. He took the spectacles out of the envelope. At the first look he saw that they were old, rusted and chipped from one side.

As soon as he wore them, he heard unclear, muffled voices. He got so scared, he took them off.

He wanted to know what that sound was, so he wore it again and he looked around. Again the same muffled voices. His heart began to race. He took them off again !

Once again he picked them up and wore them. This time he understood what that was……

They were THOUGHTS !!

“Ah ! These are thoughts of the person I look at !!” Dink said to himself surprised.

He thought he could use them to do some good and change the world.

“I don’t THINK it’s time to use them”

“I KNOW it’s time to use them” Dink said to himself


39 thoughts on “THE BOY WHO CHANGED THE WORLD – The Chosen One

  1. Well done. Samir, your writing is excellent. I don’t mean for your age either! You put a nice touch on the hesitation to understand the powers he held in those spectacles. You left a good amount of questions for us. Now does he use them purely as a benefit or did play and interest change his path.

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  2. I can tell by this story you are a Harry Potter Fan. I love the original concept of the glasses hearing others thoughts. I am writing a story about a boy who is deaf who can do that, only its when he shakes hands with another person. Well done keep up the writing. If you practice your skills now, imagine how far you can take it as you grow and learn. Good luck.

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  3. Really gripping…I began reading keeping in mind that it’s written by a 10yr old but within a minute and a half completely forgot about that and just wanted to know what happens next…brilliant!!!

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      1. I think that your ending leaves it open for the next story.. perhaps you could look at it as a series .. what is going to happen Dylan now he has these magical powers.. will he go back to Rome and protect his family.. who else could he save with his sword… Look forward to where you take this next Sahir.. and great that your Dad is helping.. thanks Sally

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  4. I love the suspense that is building in the story. Congratulations. I want to hear more because now you have my imagination captured.

    The school sounds like a boarding school that I went to when I was young. And, yes, I had to take a long train journey home afterwards. The train seemed to take forever and stopped at every station.

    Perhaps you might want to elaborate a little on the pre-end-of-term excitement. I assume the awards ceremony was part of that.

    Well done.

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    1. Thank you. I am very happy you liked the story. While reading your comment I was happy that I reminded you of your childhood. Yes the house shield award was a part of the pre end term. I will write the second part after sometime.


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