One late night, Jack, a farm boy, got up from his sleep, as he was startled by a nightmare. He went to the town priest known as Brom, who lived in a Church since his parents were deceased. He knocked on the Church door, and soon Brom came out surprised.

“What are you doing here? Do you know how late it is?” Brom asked curiously.
“I need to see that dragon egg” Jack replied.
“Oh, come on in” said Brom.

Brom went into the dusty room and brought it out.
“Here you go” said Brom.
A blue oval shaped egg in a basket was kept in front of him.
“Whoa !!” exclaimed Jack.
“Cool ! right ?” asked Brom.
“Yeah…..Too Cool !!”
“Would you like a cup of tea?” asked Brom

Before he could even reply, suddenly they heard an awful noise.
“It’s cracking, the egg is cracking” Jack cried in amazement
A baby dragon with spikes on its back came out of that unique egg.
“Take it, I can’t possibly keep it in a Church !” said Brom

“Are you sure?” asked Jack
“Of Course”
“Thanks!” said Jack
“You are welcome”

Three years later, when Jack’s Dragon, Freddie was big enough, Jack used to ride it by sitting astride. Freddie would spread its wings and fly into the open sky.
One day, when they were about to go for a ride, Jack thought of Brom. He flew with Freddie and went to the Church. He knocked on the door. Brom came out happily seeing Jack at the door.

They greeted each other gracefully.
“Can you show me your hand?” asked Jack.
“Sure” Brom replied

He showed him the strange mark on his hand.
“How did you get that?” Jack asked with a questioning look.

“Ah, you would be interested in that. That is the mark you get when you become a dragon rider” he replied.
“How come I don’t have it?” Jack said surprisingly.

“You must learn magic first”
“Can you teach me?”
“No. You will have to go to Master Ro Chi in China. He can teach you.”
“When do I start?”
“Anytime.” Brom said smilingly

Brom’s adventures were long gone, but Jack’s had just begun…..


33 thoughts on “JACK’S AMAZING ADVENTURES – The Beginning

  1. Very well written Sahir, excellent work for first attempt…the story’s end makes the reader look forward to what’s coming next.. pls do write the second part.. and try to write little long stories, I finished reading this one in 5 min and now am getting bored 😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How amazing it is to read a young minds imagination!! Great going Sahir…. Your adventure as a storyteller has begun too…and from your first I Can vouch for you to becoming a splendid writer!
    Kudos to the parents for being the wind beneath his wings!!!
    Love and light

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great imagination. Way to go!! I m proud of you Sahir. I love your creativity, wanted to see more and more from your mastermind .. Fantabulous job , very new and unique bed time story for my lil one…lol. Keep up the good work, you really rocked it.👏🏼🏆

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dragons rider!!!
    The plot itself is engaging enough but the way Sahir has built it up was brilliant!!! Leading into where the story and the adventures would go next…by the mark on brom’s hands…crafty!!! Waiting for more

    Liked by 1 person

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